BlackboardSo, the good news is; summer is over. I nearly got an MDD from all the sleep. The bad news is; school is back with the whole package (studying, quizzes, exams, lousy teachers and so on). This year we have prepared the entire third year lectures (both theoretical and clinical) for you to download. To do that you can go to For those of you who don’t know, we have seven classes this year. They are: Pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Medicine, Parasitology, Community Medicine and Surgery. Their units are divided as follows:

Pathology 12
Microbiology 8
Pharmacology 8
Medicine 6
Parasitology 6
Community Medicine 4
Surgery 2

Moreover, here is the index of the year’s lectures (PDF):

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Good luck!

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The Mona LisaHMS professor of neurobiology Margaret Livingstone uses art to understand how we perceive and process visual stimuli, and HMS professor of pediatrics Charles Nelson employs noninvasive techniques to measure the brain activity of children while they look at faces. Plus, you’re more microbe than mammal—at least according to your latest cell count. Plus, you’re more microbe than mammal—at least according to your latest cell count. For supplemental information, listen to an extended interview (MP3) with Margaret Livingstone as well as an extended interview (MP3) with Charles Nelson.

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