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Howdy! Since many students don’t know what to study for the exam, I decided to post the most important topics to cover.

Long Case

The most important topics have been made into a list by Dr. Rawa Muhsin, here it is:

You can study these topics in the handouts or a concise book like the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery.

Note: in addition to the above topics, intracranial hematomas, skull fractures & shunts are important for neurosurgery.


Note: the contents (i.e. amount of Na, Cl…etc) of the fluid types are required for this exam.

Instruments & Drains
Dr. Rawa Muhsin’s Handout for the theory.

Dr. Shirwan’s presentation for the images & some notes.

A quick video by Ranj & Rekan:

Some additional urology instuments:

Orthopedics Examination
Review the theory in Short Practice of Surgery:

Review the videos from University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire:

This Slideshare account contains some of our tutorials, including those of Dr. Aram Baram, Dr. Khalid Shukur…etc

Good luck 🙂

Back to SchoolThis year school starts on September, 28th and it is serious! There is no joking around this year. We have 11 classes in 2133 pages of handouts. That is a lot of pages, bigger than a major textbook. Even the top 10 students said that the material was too much to cover. We also have clinical examinations every two weeks. So it is going to be a tough year. But the good news is, we only have one year to go after this one. Here are the classes in descending order according to their units:

Here are the entire lectures:
5th Year Lectures

This is the index of the lectures:
Index of Fifth Year Lectures

This is the schedule of the theoretical lectures:
Schedule of Theoretical Lectures

This is the schedule of the clinical sessions:
Schedule of Clinical Sessions

Good luck 😉