2nd Anniversary

2 Year Anniversary
Another year has passed and we are still here. A few things are new this year:

  • New theme
  • I changed the name Shanyar M.D. to Shanyar
  • It is the first day of Ramadan (Ramadan Kareem to all)
  • I just became a 5th year medical student (just two more years to go)
  • I bought www.shanyar.com off an auction & will make it the default domain soon

I have had over 16000 visits since last year but only 9 new comments. I also added 9 more categories. One more thing… I changed my favorite browser to Chrome. Thanks and see you next year!

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  1. Ozhen Aras October 19, 2013 9:50 pm  Reply

    Grrrreeeeaaaatt job , Dr Shanyar …. your website is full of useful stuffs … hope you never give up and get tired …

    cheers ,
    ozhen aras

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