1st Anniversary

One year has passed since my first post on this blog. Since then I have written 5 pages, 161 posts (in 9 categories and 2 tags) with over 12,500 views (I used Jetpack Stats to calculate this, my own views are not calculated) and 46 comments (half of which are mine) :). I had 430 views on my busiest day, which was the day before the final practical exams. I know it isn’t much, but I think it is quite impressive for a medical blog with an audience of a 100 students, no more. I also installed Google Analytics about a month ago and got some interesting data. Most of my viewers are from Iraq followed by United States and India. Most of them use Google Chrome as their browser followed by Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer (I use Firefox myself). The number one operating system of my viewers is Windows (83.72%) followed by Macintosh and iOS. Finally, most of my viewers have Gorannet as their internet provider, followed by Reber Quick.

P.S: I acquired shanyar.me, which also redirects here.

That’s all for now. Thanks for tuning in. See you next year 😉

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