Pathology: Quiz Questions

Last Update: 22/10/2011
Group A
Q1) Describe metaplasia, give an example, mention it’s mechanism?
Q2) Write the differences between transudate and exudate and mention the benefits of exudate?

Group B
Q1) What are the differences between 1st and 2nd intention healing?
Q2) Enumerate the types of pigment accumulations and describe one of them?

Group C
Q1) What are the local and systemic factors that affect healing?
Q2) Enumerate the types of adaptive cell responses and discuss one of them?

Group D
Q1) Discuss fatty change in details?
Q2) Enumerate the types of histiocytes?

Group E
Q1) Describe the mechanisms of intracellular killing?
Q2) Briefly discuss the intracellular accumulation of iron?

Group F
Q1) What is the cause of increased permeability during inflammatory response?
Q2) Describe the role of oxygen in cell injury?

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