In the search for the best PDF convertor

Adobe PDF IconUnless you are from the ice age, you must have heard of PDF files. PDF stands for “Portable Document Format”, it is a document file format created by Adobe. What is great about this format is that unlike other document formats, this one is independent of application software, hardware and operating system. This means that once you convert your files to PDF, it doesn’t matter what fonts or graphics you use, what operating system you use, or what device you use… You are going to get the same file layout everywhere in the world. You can read a PDF file on your Windows machine, on your Mac, or on a Linux. You can read it on a mobile phone running Symbian OS, iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. You can even read it online with software like Google Docs. So today we shall review some of the software that can convert your files to PDF. The basic idea about PDF conversion that almost all programs use, is virtual printing. The program creates a virtual printer for you so that you can print (convert) your files into a PDF format from any application with the Print function. Some of the factors that we need to consider in choosing the best virtual printer are speed of conversion, quality of conversion, output size of the PDF and whether or not the software is free. Our contestants are: Adobe PDF printer, PrimoPDF, PDFFill and 7-PDF. The results of the tests were as follows:
Fastest Conversion: PrimoPDF
Slowest Conversion: Adobe PDF
Smallest file size: Adobe PDF
Largest file size: PrimoPDF
Sharpest Image rendering: PrimoPDF
Normal text rendering: Almost the same for all
So in the top choices there are Adobe PDF and PrimoPDF. After printing the PDFs on paper it turns out that the best choice is PrimoPDF. Why PrimoPDF? Well, first it is free unlike Adobe PDF which comes with Adobe Acrobat which is not free. It has several convertion modes and output formats which you can choose according to your needs. It is very simple to use. You can even convert your files by dragging-and-dropping onto the application icon on your desktop. You can download it here.

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